Mayline Mobile Lite System for X-Rays

Running out of space for all your files? Don?t want to spend a fortune on a new filing system? Here comes Mobile Lite to the rescue. Finally, there?s an affordable mobile filing system that won?t break the budget. Mobile Lite not only costs less, it installs in half the time compared to more expensive, heavy-duty systems.

Mobile Lite converts standard aisles into valuable filing space by compacting rows of stationary filing into a single aisle system, which can reduce floor space by 50%. Mobile Lite costs less per filing inch than many alternative filing solutions. Plus it allows you to remain efficient with the ability for quick and easy retrieval of needed files.

Mobile Lite is designed with an in track anti-tip feature for safety. Regardless of length a continuous drive shaft allows the carriage to travel smoothly. Each unit comes standard with a waist high single-spoke handle and a push lock allowing each carriage to be locked into place while the user is retrieving their files. Mobile Lite is a HIPPA compliant system.

  • Track - ADA compliant, low profile, heavyduty aluminum track with anti-tip feature for safety. Does not require expensive deck panels that typically create a sub floor between tracks. Easily leveled without grouting.
  • Carriages - Durable anodized aluminum carriages support up to 1000 lbs. per linear foot.
  • Half-high end panel/Gearbox - The half-high end panel operates mechanically using a full-length driveshaft to insure simultaneous movement.
  • Complete Mobile Lite Typicals include: One X-Ray single face fixed unit, one X-Ray single face movable unit, a range of 2 to 4 double face movable units, back panels for single face units, dividers, mobile bases, track and additional track for typical aisle walkway.
  • All shelving systems are 5-Tier and 89"H and letter sized
  • Key Lock included with single face movable unit and Plunger Lock included with with all double face movable units.
  • Aisle on all systems is 36"
  • No decking or ramping required
  • ALSO AVAILABLE - Medical Folders and Medical Labels to complete your filing system
  • Assembly Required

Manufacturer: Mayline
Standard Delivery Time: 3 - 4 Weeks

Item No. Name List Price Our Price Buy Now!
EML3652X X-Ray Mobile Lite Shelving $19,845.00 Price: $12,303.90
EML3653X X-Ray Mobile Lite Shelving $25,661.00 Price: $15,909.80
EML3654X X-Ray Mobile Lite Shelving $31,435.00 Price: $19,489.70
EML4852X X-Ray Mobile Lite Shelving $20,142.00 Price: $12,488.00
EML4853X X-Ray Mobile Lite Shelving $26,015.00 Price: $16,129.30
EML4854X X-Ray Mobile Lite Shelving $31,879.00 Price: $19,765.00