Mayline File Harbor Medical File Cabinets

Solve your filing space problems once and for all by using File Harbor Cabinets. Put more files in the same space of the same files in less space. The File Harbor Cabinet's unique horizontally-receding tambour doors simply glide into the sides of the cabinet and open to reveal all files at once. With end-tab filing, there are no drawers to open or close, no top-tab labels to thumb through searching for the right file. Instead, end-tab labels on every file are totally visible and accessible. And with color-coded end-tab filing, misfiles are greatly reduced. Space planners gain about five square feet each time a File Harbor Cabinet replaces an existing 42" wide lateral file.

  • All welded, heavy gauge steel frame construction
  • Horizontally-receding tambour doors open easily revealing all files
  • Complete cabinet system. Available in three standard heights and widths
  • Locks and handles are centered for easy operation
  • Up to seven tiers (294 filing inches) vs. lateral files with only four or five drawers (180 - 225 filing inches)
  • Horizontally-receding doors keep the aisle clear for passers-by
  • Doors can be kept closed except when files are in use
  • Lower cost per filing inch than vertical or lateral file drawers
  • Each File Harbor Cabinet comes complete with dividers
  • Installation Charges Not Included. Please see our links page for a list of recommended installers in your area
  • ALSO AVAILABLE - Medical Folders and Medical Labels to complete your filing system

Manufacturer: Mayline
Standard Delivery Time: 3 - 4 Weeks

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38"H 3-Tier File Harbor Cabinet
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Model: 3836A3 - Price: $2,116.40-$2,334.40
62"H 5-Tier File Harbor Cabinet
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Model: 6236A3 - Price: $2,540.70-$2,903.80
83"H 7-Tier File Harbor Cabinet
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Model: 8336A3 - Price: $3,075.30-$3,607.00
Set of 4 Extra Filing Dividers
Model: MFD4 - Price: $63.90