Jeter Stax X-Ray Shelving

The Jeter Stax XRAY filing cabinet was always designed to be just that - a filing cabinet. Every Stax cabinet is closed at the back and at both sides. Its dimensions are designed to be exactly correct for X-Ray sized folders.

Unique Modular Concept: Jeter builds superior design advantages into a complete selection of files. Jeter cabinets are stackable to provide for a variety of heights. These heavily reinforced cabinets are designed to be strong, allowing them to be placed safely on Trax and E-Z Roller mobile systems.

  • Designed to store X-Ray sized files and folders
  • Closed at the back and at both sides.
  • Because Stax X-ray files have only a 3/8" shelf lip, the efficiencies of these units vertically is far greater than thick, shelf equipment.
  • The full-height, dividers (4-per-shelf) are welded into the units so they’re always in place, and their weight-bearing design prevents the file shelves from ever sagging.
  • The Stax Medical Filing System is made up of modular parts, meaning you can stack them on each other to create a unique filing system. More tiers can be added to at any time.
  • Each shelf goes together shelf by shelf with the use of seven convenient, easy-to-use rivet fasteners. The tiers have a steel interconnect mechanism to ensure that they stay firmly interconnected and attached.
  • High-quality, furniture-grade paint finish. Your choice of Beige, Oatmeal or Grey.
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5-Tier Stax X-Ray Shelving
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Model: J1720-5Tier - Price: $1,662.20
6-Tier Stax X-Ray Shelving
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Model: J1720-6Tier - Price: $1,956.10
36"W X-Ray Stax Spacer
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Model: J1720-52 - Price: $200.00
36"W X-Ray Stax Tier
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Model: J1720 - Price: $294.00
36"W X-Ray Stax Top & 2" Base
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Model: J1720-50 - Price: $192.40
36"W X-Ray Stax Work Shelf
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Model: J1720-51 - Price: $616.70