Jeter Mini Stax Cabinets

The Mini Stax medical filing cabinet was always designed to be just that - a filing cabinet. Every SuperStax cabinet is closed at the back and at both sides. Its dimensions are designed to be exactly correct for all different sized folders.

Unique Modular Concept:Jeter builds superior design advantages into a complete selection of files. To maximize the file capacity of virtually any available space, most Jeter shelf units are available in 2', 3', 3 1/2' and 4' widths. All offer extremely fast assembly to deliver cost efficiency from the start. And, Jeter cabinets are stackable to provide for a variety of heights. These heavily reinforced cabinets are designed to be strong, allowing them to be placed safely on Trax and E-Z Roller mobile systems.

Mixed Media Within One Cabinet: You can design a cabinet to hold mixed media within one unit. Purchase individual shelves to house folders, binders and computer print-outs - then build one cabinet to house your variety of material! For smaller offices, one cabinet can be purchased and reconfigured as needs change. Our cabinets are exemplary when it comes to the three things a file room needs: versatility, durability and file accessibility.

  • Available in letter, legal, ring binder, print-out, x-ray, auto title, mammogram and mini sizes.
  • Convenient rollout work shelves offer strength to handle everyday use and heavy-load demands.
  • Shelf edges reduced to create larger vertical openings for greater access to your folders.
  • Cabinets can be moved fully loaded - all folders can be secured in tiers to save the time and cost of unloading, realoading and the potential loss of records.
  • ALSO AVAILABLE - Medical Folders and Medical Labels to complete your filing system
  • Standard Color is Beige. Also available in Oatmeal and Grey. Please call for more information.

Manufacturer: Jeter
Standard Delivery Time: Please Call

Item No. Name List Price Our Price Buy Now!
EFL2412868SDV 86"H 8-Tier Medical Shelving (Letter Size) $954.00 Price: $550.40-$736.80
J1711 30"W Mini-Stax Tier $199.77 Price: $164.80
J1711-50 30"W Mini-Stax 2" Top and Base $199.77 Price: $164.80
J1711-52 30"W Mini-Stax Spacer $143.55 Price: $118.40
J1711-55 30"W Mini-Stax Top Only $71.47 Price: $58.90
J1711-56 30"W Mini-Stax 2" Base Only $150.72 Price: $124.30
J1701 36"W Mini-Stax Tier $218.91 Price: $180.50
J1701-50 36"W Mini-Stax 2" Top and Base $218.91 Price: $180.50
J1701-51 36"W Mini-Stax Work Shelf $556.24 Price: $458.80
J1701-52 36"W Mini-Stax Spacer $157.90 Price: $130.30
J1701-55 36"W Mini-Stax Top Only $78.05 Price: $64.30
J1701-56 36"W Mini-Stax 2" Base Only $165.08 Price: $136.20
J1702 48"W Mini-Stax Tier $303.84 Price: $250.60
J1702-50 48"W Mini-Stax 2" Top and Base $303.84 Price: $250.60
J1702-51 48"W Mini-Stax Work Shelf $572.99 Price: $472.70
J1702-52 48"W Mini-Stax Spacer $203.36 Price: $167.70
J1702-55 48"W Mini-Stax Top Only $105.86 Price: $87.30
J1702-56 48"W Mini-Stax 2" Base Only $230.87 Price: $190.40