Supports the 24"W sorter in a corner when used in L-shaped or U-shaped sorter layouts against a wall. The 32" square footprint provides better clearance at the sides of the sorter for more efficient sorting and retreival. The TCNR Corner platform is less expensive than the 30" x 30" TW30 Work Table, but installation is more complex.

When sorters will be in the open, or visible from the rear; or if the corner configuration will be used for a worksurface only, and not to tupport a sorter, we reommend specifying the TW30 Work Table instead.

The Corner Platform is supported by one lef in the rear corner, and by brackets attached to the tables on both sides. A filler panel is included ( fills base-to-top gap in front between adjacent tables ). Field installed.

Adjustable 1" increments, 24" to 36"H

Manufacturer: Mayline
Standard Delivery Time: 3 - 4 Weeks

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TCNRLAM Corner Platform $1,780.00 Price: $925.60