Jeter Mammography File Jackets

Jeter Systems produces a uniquely sized x-ray storage jacket for mammography film. We also have storage equipment designed for mammogram examination files. For many hospitals, using only one type of x-ray size storage equipment is a problem. Some hospitals are now using mammogram libraries that house nothing but mammogram files, because of their permanent nature. These libraries enable physicians to supply better information regarding a patient?��s health. Our new jacket size and filing equipment saves space over standard shelving.

  • Printed in bright blue ink
  • Printing of hospital name and address optional.
  • Jeter color-coding products can be attached at the factory in any type of sequential or terminal digit order.
  • Jackets can be manufactured to meet your needs
  • 11-Point
  • Available with or without a front pocket
  • Sold in cartons of 100

Standard Delivery Time: 3 - 7 Business Days

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Jeter Mammography File Jackets
Item # Name SPECS List Price Our Price Buy Now!
J1505 Mammography Jacket NO Front Pocket, Carton of 100 1.7 lbs. $124.10 $104.90
J1504 Mammography Jacket with Front Outer Pocket, Carton of 100 1.8 lbs. $184.30 $155.90