Ulrich Cadfile

The Cadfile is the first vertical filing system designed for today's CAD workstation. The Cadfile offers low cost filing for drawings up to 24" x 36" in a cabinet full of design features. To retrieve a document simply open the flip-over lid (which becomes a shelf) and pull out the required file.

  • Holds and protects documents using a unique spring compression system and heavy duty folders
  • Standard folders have mylar reinforced hand holes
  • Available customization can provide folders to hold several different sized maps, engineering plottings, architectural drawings, or any documents in one cabinet
  • Will hold 1000 24" x 36" documents in minimal space
  • Optional casters for complete mobility
  • Lower cost per sheet filed than any other system
  • Comes with 20 folders
  • Platinum powder-coated finish
  • Manufacturer: Ulrich

    Standard Delivery Time: 4 - 6 Weeks

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    PF500 Cadfile $2,629.00 Price: $1,419.70-$1,647.50